In the film Spider-Man, a robber (portrayed by Michael Papajohn, but credited as "Carjacker") robs a fight promoter of his money after Peter left his office. Peter lets the robber escape as a subtle way of getting revenge against the fight promoter who cheated him out of money, rather than simply stopping him, telling the promoter, "I missed the part where it's my problem", exactly the same words the promoter said to him. That same robber carjacks and apparently kills Uncle Ben rather than breaking into his house. Peter chases him to a warehouse, where the killer trips and falls from a window to his death, moments after Peter recognizes him.

In Spider-Man 3, it is revealed that the carjacker, now identified as "Dennis Carradine", is not responsible for Ben Parker's death as assumed. The true killer is Flint Marko, who later becomes the Sandman. Peter begins to feel sympathy for Carradine, imagining a scene with Carradine attempting, in vain, to stop Marko from killing Uncle Ben. At the climax of the film, however, Marko confesses to Peter that he accidentally shot Ben when Carradine distracted him trying to get into the car. Carradine, shocked at the murder, stole the car and left Marko behind to take the fall. Marko escaped, however, and so it was Carradine who died for the crime Marko committed. Flint Marko also admits in the movie that he needs the money he stole to help his daughter who is sick. At the end of the movie, Peter/Spider-Man, touched by Marko's noble intentions, forgives Marko and allows him to escape.